sculpture; mixing machine; washed round sand, cement, water; 2021

Invited to engage with a former industrial mill, the first mixer sculpture consisting of 0.4 mm washed round sand, cement and water was created during a residency stay (Oeverwerk, Rösselmühle, Graz). It contained a ground area of ​​approx. 5 m2 and a weight of approx. 5 tons.

I extract what is essential for me from the mixer and concentrate entirely on the characteristics of the maschine. As a result, the concrete mixer loses its usefulness and is now an artistic object.
To build the sculpture, the free-standing mixer was first filled with water, washed sand and cement and then everything was mixed for a few minutes. As soon as the mass had reached the appropriate mixing ratio, the drum was emptied on the spot without the material being collected. The drum was again filled with the above-mentioned ingredients and a comparable mass of concrete was mixed. This was repeated until the concrete cone restricts the movement of the drum and both remain rigid. The end of the mechanical capacity has been reached. The viewer can now see a concrete cone in which the upper components of a concrete mixer from the 1960s can be seen.