Blower; Pipes, motor; 2021

Originally an agricultural device for transporting a wide variety of raw materials such as grass, hay, wood chips, maize, etc. It has an impeller with four blades and runs with a horizontal axis in a housing that has a radial outlet of approx. 40 to 50 cm for connecting pipes. The inlet is on the front. The impeller is driven by a polyphase motor. Due to the rotating movement of the wings, material was thrown outwards and with the help of the resulting air flow through the outlet by means of the pipes to be mounted to the desired location. Free of any use, I mounted the loose pipes on the blower. At the outlet I mounted a pipe bent at a right angle. This was repeated until the outlet is now ositioned opposite the inlet. The the beginning and end of the transport becomes unclear. What can be seen is a pointless circulation that illustrates the nature of the machine.